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Post by Drakose on Sat Dec 06, 2008 7:28 pm

In a land, shrouded by evil, a land in which the darkest fates meet the most courageous warriors, there are terrible forces at work. You are an explorer. Your eyes have seen many lands and many tragedies. You enter this land with eager hopes to unveil the darkness that will soon be showered upon the unsuspecting villagers. Prepare yourself, because you are about to decide your FATE.

Classes- They will determine your destiny!
Choose a Class:

Your inventory contains your most valuable items. The most crucial things to aid you in your survival. As a beginner, your inventory should look like this:
Beginner *class* Weapon
*class* Spell
*class* Spell
*class* Spell
*class* Spell
Health Potion (+20)
Magic Potion(+20)

Again, your inventory is a valuable thing, so make sure it contains your most items. Physical strength and inventory is good, but there is one factor that is very important for survival. Wisdom. You must be able to plan out your path, think strategically, use tactics to overcome obstacles.

Fighting is a careful art. You must be courageous, and be one with the elements. You must strike when your enemy least expects it.
To attack with your weapon, you must roll the dice. This can be done by rolling the dice before sending a post. When you roll, the game master will quickly respond with your results. The number that you rolled, will amount to the damage you cause. More powerful weapons allow multiple dice rolls, so in that case you just add the rolls together and it will amount to the damage caused. Spells do the same amount of damage each time, however. When using a spell you can use it as many times as you want, as long as you have the required amount of magic points. More Weapons and Spells can be bought at the shops.

Evil can lurk at any location. It can be hiding in the darkness, following you, waiting. It is important to know what you're getting yourself into.
When you go to a location, theres a chance that there is a monster there waiting. It will either stay there or attack you. If it does attack you, the game master will announce it and you will be prompted to either fight or run. Fighting helps you gain experience and gold, when running sends you back to town. Make sure you are prepared when traveling to different places.

Your class is also an important thing in deciding your destiny. It describes yourself, your fighting style, and your intelligence. Although, each class also has a special skill. Special skills can only be performed when you are in possession of a Unity Stone. You can obtain a Unity Stone by random, or by completing a side quest. Here are the special skills for each class:

Fire - Increase: Add 2 extra dice rolls to your next attack
Water - Wave: Use a giant tidal wave to wash away 1-3 enemies (cannot be used on bosses)
Darkness - Undead Minion: Summon an undead minion to fight a battle for you (40hp)
Light - Teleport: Teleport anywhere on the map.
Earth - Barrier: Put a wall of rock in any path until you make 3 more posts.
Wind - Healing: Heal 75hp to yourself or to someone else.
Energy - Paralyze: Freeze a player for 3 turns(posts). The player can be attacked only once.

The Map:

Town- This is your starting place. It is also a good place to prepare for journeys or make friends. You can only go to shops when you character is located here.

East Forest- This Forest is good for sneaking up on your enemy. It is also one of the few places that doesn't have monsters.

Old Mill- This mysterious mill has been abandoned for years. There is a rumor of a powerful witch and alot of treasure there.

Castle- This is where the king lives. If you ask him, he will give you tips and secrets about the land.

Dark Crypt- This is where King Kanahumet lies. He was a great sorcerer so maybe theres something good you can find there.

Doorway- In ancient times, this circle was used to summon monsters from the underworld. You can use it to summon too.

Cave- This is it, this is where the meteor smashed an landed in the caved. Unfortunately it is blocked by an ancient pedestal that reads: "By the word of the Gods, only thee who has a divine fate shall be let on toward darkness"

Shrine: This is a shrine to the god of Fate. Inside lies a giant monument to him. If you pray in front of the monument and tempt fate, you can be either praised or cursed. Will you tempt fate?

Forbidden Maze- What lies within? Nobody has ever made it to the end to find out. If only there was a map that could lead you through....

A- The First Temple, the Death Temple. The boss of this temple is Cerberus, the three headed dog.

B- The Second Temple, the Time Temple. The boss of this temple is Medusa, who can turn you to stone with one gaze.

C- This is the Third Temple, the Temple of the Divine. The Boss of this temple is a Minotaur, half man, half bull.

D- This is the Final Temple, the Temple of Unity. The boss for this temple is the Chimera, the powerful combination of many dangerous creatures.

As you can see, there are many places on the map to explore, including 4 temples. Each temple contains a key, and once all 4 keys are gathered they will unlock the Chaos Gate, which blocks the path to the fallen meteor. There are also different places on the map you must go before being able to go to the temples. Getting all 4 keys will be too much of a task for one person, that is why you heroes require teamwork in order to stop the threats to this land.
Alot of areas are not completely useless, because they will be important for quests. Each temple has a boss that must be defeated. Once the key is obtained by someone, they can either lose it by being defeated, or trade it for weapons or gold.

Experience: Each time you defeat a monster, you will gain experience depending on what kind of monster it is. What kind of monster it is is determined by the area you are playing in. The farther from town you are, the stronger the monsters will be. Once you gain a certain amount of experience, you will level up and be able to buy more powerful weapons. Each time you level up, the required amount of experience to level up will increase.

Extra Rules:
1. Up to 2 people can fight 1 monster, only 1 person can fight another person, and up to 3 people can fight one boss.
2. When you die, you will be transported back to town and you must pay 100 gp.
3. Private messages are allowed in order to discuss strategies with another person.
4. When defeating another player, you can choose to take their weapon, 2 of their spells, their key, or all their gold. If they do have a key and it isn't taken, it will reappear at its temple with no boss guarding it.
5. They Chaos Gate can only be opened when all 4 keys are there. So that means all the key holders must meet there and open the door together. One person can carry all the keys and open the door for someone else though.

The Special Weapon
There is a secret and powerful weapon hidden in this land. It is extremely powerful and can only be obtained by accomplishing a secret task.

That is all. Good luck on your adventure as you head toward choosing your FATE

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