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FATE - Quests

Post by Drakose on Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:18 pm

This land is a very troubled place. Many of the villagers can't complete daily tasks because of the evil that lurks around every corner. Many of them will reward you for your kindness, so accept a quest and rack up some dough!


Mary the Wanderer-
"I lost my flute when I was traveling in the East Forest! Please retrieve it for me!"
Reward: 20 GP

Deal or No Deal-
"I hid a scroll in a chest in the old mill, but there are two of them! Please go and try to figure out which chest the scroll is in. Beware that the other chest has a trap in it!"
Reward: The Scroll

"I was trying to find the end of the maze but a monster forced me out. Unfortunately it stole something from my inventory! Please defeat the monster and get it back, it should be right inside the maze!"
Reward: ???

You Snooze You Lose-
"I was studying for a mythology test at the doorway when I fell asleep. Then a monster came and stole my notes! I need those, please get the back."
Reward: 25 GP

Whats Shrine is Mine-
"I was praying at the shrine and fate cursed me with a Dark Dragon! Please go defeat it!"
Reward: *class* Weapon

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